Baby Gift Ideas

So your friend, sister, brother just had a baby and you are going for a first visit to meet this cute bundle of joy. The dilemma starts – ‘Hmmm what do I buy?’ Well, you should remember that in most cases, gift for a newborn baby is primarily a gift for the parents. Therefore, before you spend any money consider whether parents would benefit from it too. Also if you want to make sure that your gift is not going to just occupy shelf space, stick to the principle ‘another one is always useful’.

So what gift should you buy for a baby? Let’s take a look at some choices that will pass the anytime, anywhere test:

Organic cotton baby clothes – there is no such thing as too many clothes for a baby! Why choose organic cotton? Baby clothes made from organic cotton are super soft, breathable and don’t contain all those nasty allergenic or toxic chemical residues. Stains come out easily and they’re also durable enough for plenty of wear and tear. Check out our beautiful collection in the most adorable styles and options for both: boys and girls. This is a perfect gift idea for any mom who is conscious about the environment as well as what comes in contact with her baby’s sensitive skin.

Wrapping blankets/ sleeping bags – when a newborn baby leaves comfortable belly we can try and re-create this safe and warm environment with soft natural blankets. Pleasant to touch, fluffy and warm, our 100% certified organic cotton wrapping blanket is a perfect gift that will serve mom and a baby for many days. Also, instead of the traditional blanket, you can choose its modern version, i.e. sleeping bag. Our stylish and snugly version features all side and bottom long safe zipper for baby’s protection and can be easily transformed into a flat diaper changer.

Baby nursery sets – even though this could be one of the essential décor elements already being sorted by the parents, believe me more than one baby bedding sets always comes in handy. First days of baby’s life are associated with delicacy, which is why most love the quiet, pastel colors that won’t cause anxiety or sleep disorders to a newborn baby. As the baby grows and becomes more curious and aware the surroundings and it a good idea to introduce new motives and colors. Check out our baby bedding sets in a variety of unique designs – bright colored mushroom and peekaboo frog, adorable little sailor themed design or soothing soft design with sweet penguin friends – all sets are beautifully satin embroidered and appliqued and will make a perfect gift.

Comforter this could be the baby’s first and most faithful friend, starting from their early days. Our sheep shaped adorable 100% organic cotton baby comforter is made from ultra-soft, not toxic fabric. A great companion to play and sleep with, it will calm and comfort newborn baby day and night. It has been designed so a baby can safely put into their mouth when teething.

Check out our offer for unique baby gift ideas. Our products are sure to make every mom and her baby happy!