Certified 100% Organic Cotton – What are the Environmental and Health Benefits.

Organic cotton is naturally grown in certified 100% Organic safe environments that are free from harsh pesticides. Unlike conventional farming, which relies on using artificial chemicals and fertilizers.

Organic farming not only protects the farmers and communities which harvest such crops, it is also better for the environment and is the healthy alternative for your baby. This means that our organic baby clothes and accessories are the best choice you as a caring parent can make for your baby.

Why buy organic cotton baby clothing & accessories from My Peekaboo?
1. It is better for your baby: By prohibiting and restricting harmful chemicals in their production and processing, our organic clothing &accessories range does not contain allergenic or toxic chemical residues. Very important for babies, whose skin is more delicate and porous and are more sensitive to these substances.
2. It is better for Mum: As our clothing has been subject to less chemicals it is naturally more durable, soft and importantly … lasts longer!
3. It is better for the worker: There are no harsh chemical used in growing certified 100% organic cotton.
4. It is better for the environment: Organic farming protects water quality and prevent soil erosion.
5. It is best for the baby you love: It is a safe, super soft and very comfortable fabric.
When shopping at My Peekaboo you are buying a quality product that benefits your baby’s health, the workers throughout the manufacturing process and the environment. All our baby clothing & accessories are made with all natural colours.