Choosing The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower is not only a great opportunity for fun day with family and friends, but also a chance for a mom-to-be to collect some of the basic necessities for her baby. We all know how expensive it can get for new parents: decorating bedroom, stocking up on diapers, baby clothes, cosmetics; the list is endless!

As a parent, grandparent, a family friend we want to celebrate and give this precious bundle absolutely best of everything. Choosing the perfect baby shower gift can seem like a difficult task…. there are so many options, so many things to consider. So what gift to choose? These few tips are sure to make your decision a little bit easier!


When choosing clothes for a newborn we should always make sure they are made of good quality cotton materials. Organic cotton would be even better! (You can read more about the benefits of natural fabrics in our previous posts). It is also a good idea to choose slightly larger sizes than suggested by the manufacturers – this way it will serve mom and baby a little bit longer. At My Peekaboo we offer a beautiful collection of 100% organic cotton baby clothes in natural colors with unisex patterns and designs that will make a great baby shower gift no matter if it is for a boy or a girl.


There are many accessories that will help new parents take care of a baby. Blankets and bath robes to keep a baby warm, comforters, bibs, muslin cloths – the possibilities are endless. Similarly to baby clothing, we should always buy good quality natural fabrics, that first and foremost  protect baby’s sensitive skin, but also can endure frequent much needed washing. Browse through our gorgeous collection of 100% organic cotton baby accessories and you will be sure to find few gems!

Or maybe nursery bedding

Choosing special nursery bedding can be a great way to add personality to baby’s room. At My Peekaboo, we offer locally designed unique collection of nursery sets. Finest quality cotton with all design elements beautifully satin embroidered or appliqued; this limited range of baby bedroom sets is sure to amaze new parents!

Quality and practicality are top two things to consider when searching for a perfect baby shower gift. Simple accessories or basic clothing are proven suggestions that the expectant mother will appreciate. Mix and match our beautiful organic cotton products to make a perfect gift set or choose one of our unique pure cotton nursery bedding sets if you want to impress new parents!