Setting Up a Nursery

So you just got the news – excitement, disbelief, wonder and amazement are lovely for those first few days of knowing you’re going to be a mummy. It probably won’t be long though before you wonder: what on earth do I do now? It’s all too easy to get caught up with the details so we thought those few tips on setting up a nursery would help tick one of the items of the list.

Remember less is more! This should be your guiding principle when arranging baby’s bedroom. You really don’t have to stress; newborn baby doesn’t need many things around. All you need to worry about is getting just a few essentials ready before your baby arrives home.

Don’t wait till the last minute

Finding perfect nursery furniture can take a while. You want to have enough time to do your research; there are so many options and so many things to consider. Additionally, new paint but also new furniture can have a distinctive chemical smell that persists for several weeks. It should evaporate before the new ‘tenant’ moves into the room, so it is best to start all preparations early in the second trimester.

So what to buy?

Basic essentials you should be focusing on would be a cot with a comfortable mattress; a chest of drawers to keep baby’s clothes and diapers and just a few accessories for day to-day care of a baby, e.g. changing table or mat. Cozy chair to sit when feeding or simply watching their little angel would be a great addition for Mom and Dad. It might be a good idea to find furniture set instead of buying separate pieces. This option is often more convenient and cost effective but will also ensure that all furniture matches. Now one of the most important decisions will be a theme and the color scheme for your baby’s room. It is a great idea to keep the furniture and wall colors neutral so you can dress the room with those little special extras…

Extras….how about unique baby bedding

Baby bedding, now this is where you can go crazy! Our locally designed baby bedding collection can easily set the whole nursery’s theme. Fairy tale like bright colored mushroom and peekaboo frog, gorgeous nautical design or soothing soft design with sweet penguin friends – all sets are beautifully satin embroidered and appliqued. Extra soft, luxurious textures will lull your sweet little angel to peaceful sleep. Choose one of our 100% pure cotton baby nursery bedding sets and be assured you are providing your baby with the best quality and comfort they deserve.