Why Choose Organic Cotton for Baby Clothes and Accessories?

You or your friend’s bundle of joy is brand new to the world after being safely cocooned in the womb for 9 months. Her system is delicate for a while after she is born, and this includes her skin. You should definitely think about what comes in contact with that precious new baby skin for long periods of time; this includes purchasing clothes and accessories either for your own baby or as a gift. In particular, here are a few reasons organic cotton baby clothing and  accessories are a good idea.

Bad Quality Cotton May Contain Chemicals That Don’t Wash Away

Most cotton clothing that isn’t organic is treated with chemicals (such as permanent press or fire-retardant finishing, according to The Honest Blog). These chemicals may linger on baby’s clothes and  accessories even through washing’s, and can absorb into her skin and thus into her system. Such chemicals have been shown to have a link to things like cancer, hormone disruption, and immune system damage, says The Honest Blog.

Organic Cotton Feels Softer

Organic cotton’s lack of chemicals in the fibres means they are both stronger and softer than regular cotton. If organic cotton baby clothing feels extra soft to you, it will feel wonderfully gentle and cosy next to your baby’s skin, which might even help soothe her when she’s upset.

It’s Better for the Environment

Our organic cotton for baby clothes and accessories are made with cotton that is sustainably farmed. Organic farming uses less water, energy, and resources to produce crops. This means that when you buy organic cotton, it helps support these practices.

At My Peekaboo, we make sure to include organic cotton products in our gift boxes for all of these reasons and more. We want you or your friend’s baby to be healthy and happy, so we use natural and organic products that provide soothing comfort and luxury for both moms and little ones.